Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dictatorshop ♡ ROMP

Dictatorshop "Contempo OMNI Bondage Cross" @ ROMP

The Contempo items have a Dictatorshop logo on the back, 
click this to get the texture menu.  
From there you can choose the fabric and metals, 
there are 5 free included leathers and metals in this kit.  

FABRIC CHOICES - Caramel, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cranberry & Liquorice
METAL CHOICES - Gold, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, & Dark Steel

Dictatorshop "Contempo OMNI Bondage Horse" @ ROMP

The Contempo items RLV options ... 
Timelock, Capture, Recapture, Subcontrol

Dictatorshop "Contempo OMNI Bondage Stool" @ ROMP

Props auto attached with your permission, cuffs also provided.
These items are sure to enhance anyone's dungeon or play room.

Contempo items are discounted @ ROMP for the duration of the event. 
Missed the event?  
Then head ovet to Dictatorshop's main shop location.

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