Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Featured Item

Looking to get your kinks out of dark dungeons? 
This metal ladder packs a big surprise - it contains a full fledged bondage cross engine inside. 

Comes with two textures, the default is new, but use the little Dictatorshop logo to 
access the old/warn one to give the ladder a nice roughed up patina.

Fully RLV'd and allows you to capture, restrict, strip, etc.  The default settings can be 
changed in the Avpos notecard, directions are in the "read me" in the box.

Be sure to check out the other versions of this fun item!

 The engine is similar to the Contempo Bondage Cross, so if you already use that one, you can easily use this one, no new menus to learn. 

shout out ....
mesh body ➣ Lara
mesh head & eyes ➣ Catwa Bento
skin ➣ League
hair ➣ Truth "Natalie"
outfit ➣ Moon Elixir Shoppe "Nymphette"
mesh body ➣ Slink
mesh head ➣ Catwa Bento
hair ➣  SongF Blaze 
skin ➣ Nivaro
outfit ➣  {CA} CALIGULA "The Hot Firefighter"

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