Saturday, August 12, 2017

L'Elite Event ♡ Cassandra Couture ♡ RomanVii Creations ♡ Zo Awesum ♡ Dictatorshop Chesterfield F/f Bondage Bench

Featured Items

neon sign ➣ RomanVii Creations "The Darkest Edition - Black Magic Woman"
EXCLUSIVE @ L'Elite Event  (opens on the 14th)
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deco ➣ ~Zo Awesum~ "Black Magic Gacha" @ L'Elite Event (opens on the 14th)
includes poses and props
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dress ➣ Cassandra Couture "YVONNE-Black Magic" @ L'Elite Event (opens on the 14th)
fitmesh sizes
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furniture ➣  Dictatorshop "Chesterfield F/f Bondage Bench"
EXCLUSIVE @ ROMP until Aug 25th

There is a blanket which rezzes (using the logo button on the end). 
pls see previous blog here
It contains all the non-bondage anims.  
This allows you to cover the rings, thus having more mainstream (less scary) menus.  
Another bonus is you can have it in living spaces without making the place look too dungeony.  
Whip the blanket off and sit on the main part and you have the full range 
including the cuffs and chains.

The Contempo items have a Dictatorshop logo on the back, click this to get the texture menu.  From there you can choose the fabric and metals, there are 
5 free included leathers and metals in this kit.  

FABRIC CHOICES - Caramel, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Cranberry & Liquorice
METAL CHOICES - Gold, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, & Dark Steel

You have control over many things with this toy.  
These controls are located in the Contents tab when you edit the item 
- in the AVpos notecard.
Detailed instructions can be found in notecard.

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shout out ....
model one (elf)
mesh body ➣ Lara
mesh head ➣ Catwa Bento
hair ➣ Rezology
boots ➣ N-Core (group gift)
skin ➣ League
elf ears ➣ ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Elf Ears
model two
mesh body ➣ slink hourglass
mesh head ➣ catwa
hair ➣ TRUTH VIP - July Tori
skin ➣ League
outfit ➣  .aisling. Tonya {Darks}

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